We do not label or brand our clients as suffering from ‘xxx’ condition. We ensure that you do not carry a label. None of our module requires details of the past or the problems.

The modules follow a standardised international protocol along the lines of accredited Associations (TLTA, ABNLP, ICR) in combination with professional expertise as a Physician- Psychiatrist.

The number of sessions required depends on  the services sought for and may be in the range of 3 – 4 sessions for emotions module at fortnightly intervals.   Certain situations may require 8 or more sessions at fortnightly intervals. Cost per session Rs 8000/. The sessions may last 60-90 minutes approximately.

The services offered here differ from what is commonly called as

Counselling / consulting / psychotherapy/Mentoring as we do not suggest, advice, criticise, find fault

Our services are more toward setting a goal and moving towards a bright future. Our modules encourage the clients to generate an answer to their problems. Our modules raise the client’s self awareness and sense of responsibility. This makes our clients accountable for their success and motivates them to get the results.

An optimal mix of the basic psychological factors are used in such a manner that brings minimal psychological trauma / discomfort in the shortest possible duration. Time Line TherapyTM and other principles are standards in the conditions that they are advised for. The following is an indicator of our range of expertise and activity. The list is not exhaustive but inclusive.

  • Emotions:

Our therapy is aimed in achieving emotional mastery. Major negative emotions such as ANGER, FEAR, HURT, SADNESS, GUILT, SHAME, ANXIETY are removed from their roots. The painful, negative memories of the past become part of history and do not hurt any longer. The list includes STRESS, FRUSTRATION,WORRY, BOREDOM, PANIC ATTACKS, PHOBIAS and DEPRESSION .

  • Thoughts:

Our services are helpful to correct unhelpful thinking styles, common thinking errors, self doubts and in belief & attitude transformation.

  • Relationships:

              Our therapy module goes into the root cause of the problem in inter personal relationship

  1. Couple therapy is aimed to bring in harmony in disturbed marital-family atmosphere without loss of face for either one and with a feeling of win-win for both.
  2. Parent child therapy uses similar principles to bring in a congenial atmosphere of peace in the given situation
  3.  Relationship module is effective in disturbed career, work contexts
  • Self Awareness module is helpful in
  1. Identifying an individual’s work and motivation traits to choose the career related activities
  2. To understand others
  3. To Design the mind as one wants
  4.  To Train the mind for particular actions/ habits
  • Time Line Past
  1. In the elimination of past hurt, negative emotional baggage
  2.  In the elimination of limiting decisions and beliefs
  • Time Line Future
  1. In goal setting and achieving
  • Treatment of
  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress, sleeplessness, sleep and eating disorders
  • Unwanted habits, addiction
  • Personality Change
  • Personal History Change