Memories deeply affect a person’s perceptions and personality. Our memories are organized in a certain way around a certain subject of past memories. How we store our memories affects how we feel our lives. Our past experiences determine who we are and how we act.

Time Line™:  Is the memory coding of the brain. The memory organization is the language of the brain. How we store our memories is our brain’s way of coding the past, present, and future in a certain location in the brain. The coding and decoding are unique and that makes the difference.  One can change a person’s memories in a short time with Time line™. Time Line™ is a key to understand the personality.

“Your MIND MATTERS”   helps:

  • In managing and deleting past, hurtful memories that make you unhappy.
  • In getting rid of the unwanted emotional baggage.
  • In programming your future.
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